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Where Heroes & Monsters encounters Dark age of Camelot.

Last night I watched a few videos from an old time favorite mmo , Dark Age of Camelot. Then me and my wife took the initiative and the nightshades became a reality.

NIGHTSHADE (Elf Mage/Thief)
·Starting HP: 6+1d6 ·HP Gained per Level: 3 ·HP Gained during Resting: 1d6 ·Weapons & Armor: Any weapon. Leather Armor and no shields ·All armor and shields. Attack Damage: 1d6/1d4 Unarmed or improvising
Thieves’ Skills: Roll against DEX with Advantage to open locks, remove traps, pick pockets, move silently, or hide in shadows. Roll against WIS with Advantage to hear noise. Roll against STR with Advantage to climb sheer surfaces.
Steal Spell: Once per day Nightshades can attempt to steal a magic effect from a creature. Before executing the attack action the hero must declare the intention. Only creatures with special abilities can be affected. You can try additional times at levels 4 and 8.
Keen Senses: Rolls with Advantage when listening and when searching for secret or hidden doo…

Rune Priests

What happens whene you try to combine Heroes & Monsters and the beloved Rules Cyclopedia? A small gift for both fans. For those interested you can acquire H&M here:

·Starting HP: 8+1d6
·HP Gained per Level: 4
·HP Gained during Resting: 1d8
·Weapons & Armor: Any light and medium weapons and battle axes, no other heavy weapons. All armors and shields.
·All armor and shields. Attack Damage: 1d6/1d4 Unarmed or improvising
Rune priests cannotbanish undead as Human ClericsExtra Attacks: As part of their action a rune priests can make up to 1 attack per 3 levels (4, 7 & 10) with any weapon.Axe/Hammer Fighter: Rune priests have Advantage on attack rolls when fighting with axes or hammers (Pick one weapon at rune priest creation).Fortitude: Rune priests have Advantage on CON rolls against poisons and diseases, and Advantage on INT rolls to avoid damage or effects from spells and magical devices.Min…