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Lord Duvel, Ex Steward of Canal & Commander of the Canal’s Phoenix Guardians

After i have finished the Emerald Hack: Player's Handbook; it was time to start creating a few notably NPCs (You can check Player's Handbook here Lord Duvel, Art of War, Level 12Ex Steward of Canal & Commander of the Canal’s Phoenix Guardians
Lord Duvel’s is the lord commander of the Canal’s army. During the recent events of the Broken god & the siege of Canal, Duvel stand firm not only in resolve but also as a steward of the Jewel of the North. After the battle and with the help of the Heralds a new emperor took his rightful place leading the costly victory of the empire forces.
Duvel is reserved and calculating. Although he mistrusts the magic in either form it may take; he is deeply religious but he keeps it only for himself. He learned through experience how to lead the armies and during the siege he was actually slain at the last stand but he returned to life by the will …

Mathematics & Dungeon Questing

Well today discussion was about mathematics & Dungeon Questing. I suppose that you will wonder what a combination of themes is that. A beautiful RPG, such as Dungeon Questing, with the science of math.
If you are familiar with DQ is a classless RPG system based on skills and also is based on White Box rules. Before i get my hands on the printed books i didn’t believe that such a combination will ever exist, but Mikael Hassel did his miracle.
So every hero is buying his/her way to eternity by spending experience points on skills in hope to overcome future threats. In some point through our play session came an obvious question; what level am I? I spend some time thinking about the idea of an overall indicator such as level and here i present you my thought:
White Box has 4 different experience tables. Also as i own many of the White Box material out there, we can describe each XP table as a different gear of advancement.   White Box rules as based on a 10 level progression Each level …