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Mass Combat:Playtest rules

Good morning Emerald Heroes.
In this post we will explore a mass combat rule system. The current rules as i work with them will be included at our current project with is based at BlackHack and it's called Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells. Just a reminder when reading the checks that the system utilizes are based on roll less than the ability score (STR,DEX,CON,INT,WIS,CHA) in order to be successful. A natural 1 is what we call Critical success.
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Mass Combat (without Heroes involvement)

Either like or not Mass Combat is been part of the RPG games since the very first inception. In away we can safely assume that those bizarre rules of counting distances and using miniatures were the humble beginnings of our beloved hobby. I put a lot of though and research to find something that suits my play style. All my effort was put behind a few concepts; that of simplicity and heroes involvement.

Mass combat is break down in 3 phases (there is a 4th phase which is optional) …