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Dazzling Dunes (saifs)

Strange individual warriors who are amassing a great wealth and jewelry, Saifs are usually found in remote oasis where they safekeeping their wealth and abilities. They can be encountered as a part of mercenary band, traders or anything else. Under the laws of the desert nothing can attack them at their home oasis but they ought to provide hospitality to all who enter into their secret haven. It’s easy to to distinguish saifs as they tend to decorate their body with a many of jewels, from rings and tiaras till whole shining arm covers. Apart from the cosmetic reasons the jewels seems to capture the light of the sun in a way reflecting it back to their enemies. This practise led to the creation of nicknames like: shattered sun & light dragons (as these beasts of legends gathered their troves). Everyone wants to have a saif at their ranks either as a friend or a member of a band.

Hit Dice: 1d10 Hit Points per level Luck Die: d6 Prime Attributes: Physique and Willpower Armour: M…

Sand Whisperer

A small teaser about our work with Christopher Cortright ;-)

Once it was whole…
Once the moon was our guide
But time changed everything
And what was whole now lies shattered in pieces like the fragments of our souls 

Welcome traveler. Come and hide with me beneath the sands and I will buy for you the time itself.

Sand Whisperer (Alwaswas Alrramal)

Although the denizens of Khun lacks the writing language, the oral tradition flourishes. The storytelling is a form not only for entertainment but also for education. People believe that the rich history of their land are buried beneath the sand of time. Only few brave ones are taking the path of the sand whisperer spending their time among the sand dunes listening to the forgotten voices.

Hourglass, masters of the order, are travelling the land in search of secrets and candidates for new recruits. It’s unknown how do they choose those recruits. Rumours speaks about magic which corrupted but other believe that a Whisperer can see through the sands o…