Sand Whisperer

A small teaser about our work with Christopher Cortright ;-)

Once it was whole…
Once the moon was our guide
But time changed everything
And what was whole now lies shattered in pieces like the fragments of our souls 

Welcome traveler. Come and hide with me beneath the sands and I will buy for you the time itself.

Sand Whisperer (Alwaswas Alrramal)

Although the denizens of Khun lacks the writing language, the oral tradition flourishes. The storytelling is a form not only for entertainment but also for education. People believe that the rich history of their land are buried beneath the sand of time. Only few brave ones are taking the path of the sand whisperer spending their time among the sand dunes listening to the forgotten voices.

Hourglass, masters of the order, are travelling the land in search of secrets and candidates for new recruits. It’s unknown how do they choose those recruits. Rumours speaks about magic which corrupted but other believe that a Whisperer can see through the sands of time of each person allowing them to choose the proper ones. 

Wanderers and entertainers, Sand Whisperers have all the time of the desert by their side and they tend to outlive most humans usually reaching the age of 120. 

Hit Dice: 1d6 Hit Points per level
Luck Die: d8
Prime Attributes: Agility and Willpower
Armour: Mostly light as the desert climate dictates.

A Sand Whisperer receives the following Special Abilities:

Keen Senses: Whisperers roll a Positive Die when making Intellect rolls to notice things with their hearing or vision.

I choose my time of death:: When reduced to 0 Hit Point and receive help within an hour, Whisperers roll their Luck Die Positive choosing their time of death. Also if successful they don’t receive the Negative roll for the next hour. Physical or Agility is reduced normally.  

Rumours of the Sands: Once per day Whisperers can go with the wind. For one hour they usually stay alone listing what the sand has to tell. These rumours carries the hidden stories and secrets of the desert. It’s up to the storyteller to come up with a rumour either true or false.  

Sense Magic: With an Intelligence check whisperers can sense anything magical and the level of corruption if any. 


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