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Heroic Fantasy: The Dragonlance Experiment

Greetings Emerald Gatekeepers & Est Sularus Oth Mithas
What follows is an experiment of the Aspects system and the results we are looking for are: can the flexible Aspects system cope with the rigid structure of one of the most famous knightly orders of rpg; that of the Solmanic Knighthood.
Keep in mind that HF is using a 10 level progression where the most famous game of the world goes all around till 20. I suppose than everyone will come up with their own results.

Sir Brandon; the story of a stable-boy
Brandon was born at Solace where he grew up witnessing all the turmoil of the age we call War of the Lance. At the age 7 he encountered the Heroes of the Lance and he took care of their horses as that time he was working as a stable-boy at the Inn Of Last Home. That night one of the horse tired by exhaustion run wild. Brandon was determined to find and calm down the beast of burden. He finally found the horse and after an hour or so he managed to calm down the horse. Unaware of hi…

Heroic Fantasy: Class Acts: Druid

Druids in Heroic Fantasy RPG system
Nature, wilderness, flora & fauna are a few key concepts of the druid class. Time to add the druid class to our heroes roster

Starting HP: 1d8+4 HP per level/resting:1d8 Weapons: Usually Quarterstaff, sickle and Scimitar. All the other weapons must be made of wood Armour: Gambeson or Heavy Clothes & Leather Armor Shields: All types made of wood Attack & Damage: 1d6 / 1d4 Unarmed or Improvising
Special Features
During the initiation to druidic circles, all druid learn the secret language only available to them.
Druids roll at advantage for Tracking, Survival and Stealth in the wilderness.
Druid’s attunement to nature allows them to shapeshift into a natural animal. Starting at 1st level they can change back and forth 2 times per day with additional times at 4th & 8th level. At each shift they gain 1d4 lost HP. Storytellers are encouraged to offer circumstantial benefits according to the type of the animal. Usual bonus includes Advantage to Perce…

Heroic Fantasy: Mini review or pure fun?

Last night, me and my wife decided to run single session using Heroic Fantasy rpg. But what is Heroic Fantasy in the first place? Following the tradition of The Black Hack, HF from now on is a RPG that moves further away adding elements like Aspects (Narrative Tools), expanded classes (9 total) and 4 classic races (and i’m planning to add a few more soon!). So HF builds upon the existing high modular TBH to provide a new fantasy playground. Also i ought to mention that reading a system and actually run the system is two entirely different things; and that's where HF truly shines. The small Graham’s details, here and there, add new dimensions to the already solid mother-system.

I grabbed Heroic Fantasy here, both pdf and the awesome hardcover which i believe i need more copies for gifts!

To highlight the differences between  HF & TBH:

Different Armor System based on Armor Points. At the beginning i was reluctant with the armour system but after our first session i was convinced …