Heroic Fantasy: Class Acts: Druid

Druids in Heroic Fantasy RPG system

Nature, wilderness, flora & fauna are a few key concepts of the druid class. Time to add the druid class to our heroes roster

Starting HP: 1d8+4
HP per level/resting:1d8
Weapons: Usually Quarterstaff, sickle and Scimitar. All the other weapons must be made of wood
Armour: Gambeson or Heavy Clothes & Leather Armor
Shields: All types made of wood
Attack & Damage: 1d6 / 1d4 Unarmed or Improvising

Special Features

During the initiation to druidic circles, all druid learn the secret language only available to them.

Druids roll at advantage for Tracking, Survival and Stealth in the wilderness.

Druid’s attunement to nature allows them to shapeshift into a natural animal. Starting at 1st level they can change back and forth 2 times per day with additional times at 4th & 8th level. At each shift they gain 1d4 lost HP. Storytellers are encouraged to offer circumstantial benefits according to the type of the animal. Usual bonus includes Advantage to Perception, Tracking, Running, Hide, Stealth, better visional abilities etc. Druids retain the same Attributes and Stats of their human form.

Animal Size
Small & Medium
Medium & Large
Large & Dire
If the druid shapeshifts into animal form more than 24 hours she must roll every day a WIS saving throw with -1 penalty for each day beyond the first to keep her humanity intact. If for any reason she loses Saving Throw she becomes a lost soul unable to willingly return back to her human form.

Druids are natural spellcasters binding the fauna & flora to their will. They start with 1d4 spells from level 1 & 2. Those spells are usually stored in form of wooden symbols but they can be a number of seeds or leaves. Nature spellcasting is based on WIS attribute.

Leveling Up
Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for STR or WIS

Nature Spellcasting

The spellcasting rules & spell slots apply normally to druidic spellcasting.

Druids use the same spell progression as Bards & Clerics

Druidic Spells

First Level

Detect Danger : Druids sense any potential danger in nearby area including evil intentions and traps
Faerie Fire : As 1st level Bard spell
Locate : As 3rd level Cleric spell
Predict Weather : Druids can accurately predict the weather of an area equal to miles per level for the next 24 hours
Berries : Druids can create 2 berries that last for 12 hours. Anyone who eats them gains 1d4 lost HP per druid level. You can not eat more than 1 per day

Second Level

Heat Metal : Causes the metal to heat to a point it can given shape again. The items must weigh no more than 250 gr per druid level.
Obscure : As Fog Cloud 1st level Necromancer spell
Produce Fire : Can create fire out of nothing for 1 hour
Warp Wood : Putrefies 1 wooden object per level
Barkskin : Gain 2 Armour Points for 1 hour
Animal Messenger : Command an animal to carry a message to a specific place. The animal will travel for 1 hour per druid level

Third Level

Call Lightning : Call lightning upon the enemies for 1d6 per level damage. Usable only outdoors
Hold Animal : As per Hold Person, 2nd level cleric spell. Usable only at natural animals
Protection from Poison : Immunity to any poison effect for 5 mins per level
Water Breathing : Able to breath underwater for 1 hour per druid level
Animal Companion: As per Ranger’s Animal familiar. The companion stays for 1 hour per druid level
Plant Growth : Grow vegetation and improve crops for 10 meters per druid level

Fourth Level

Control Temperature : Control the temperature equal to 2 meters per druid level for 10 minutes per level
Plant Door : For 10 minutes per level, Druids can pass through all plant types
Protection from Lightning : For 10 minutes per level you gain immunity to lighting effects
Summon Animals : Summon the animal of the area (radius 50 meter per level). Use the Hordes rule. The total maximum HD is 10
Stone to Flesh : As 6th level Arcane spell

Fifth Level

Anti-Plant Shell : For 1 minute per level, Druids can push away plant growth creating a passage. Also druid offer immunity to any plant type attack
Wind Walk : As 5th level cleric spell
Dissolve : Druids dissolve stone to mud (30 cm per druid level)
Pass Plant : Druid can teleport through plants for 1 minute per level
Awaken : Animal or plant gains INT attribute. Roll 3d6 and assign

Sixth Level

Anti-Animal Shell : As Anti-Plant version 5th level spell. Affects only animals
Summon Weather : Druid can transfer weather conditions for 5 km per level. Druid can only use existing weather conditions
Transport Through Plants : Druid’s Teleport
Turn Wood : As the above Anti - Spells but affects all wooden items (doors, armours & weapons, ships & boats, wooden walls etc)
Hibernate : Druids can hibernate for 1 month per level curing all diseases (natural or magic) and restoring all HP,  lost attributes, limbs etc

Seventh Level

Creeping Doom : Druids dissolve their body to 100 insects for 1 round per level. Each insect inflicts 1 point of damage and has 1 HP. After casting the spell the druids must hibernate for 1 week per round using the spell form
Metal to Wood : Druid can transmute 5 metal items into wood per level
Summon Elemental : Summons a 10 HD elemental of druid’s choice for 1 round per level. Druid can summon 2 5HD elementals instead
Weather Control : As 6th level Summon Weather but the druid now chooses the weather conditions
Reincarnation : Druids can reincarnate dead humanoids into a new form


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