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Armour Hack.

Armour Hack

Last month I’ve spent a considerable amount of time and thought around the armour rules. It was a good month as I managed to acquire a lot of “hacks” from out there. It’s good to support all our fellow game designers and in the same time expose yourself to new and awesome ideas. I’m not consider myself as a game designer although someday I may put my thoughts in a more concise way, that of a rule book or a book of options and why not a campaign setting for my homebrew campaign. This post is focused on rules for armour and how the mechanism impacts with the game rules. I won’t explain all the rules but I suppose that everything started with the classic Armour Class. Taking that knowledge as granted let’s move on to the systems:
Black Hack Original: Armour as damage reduction. In this approach the armour points are been used to reduce the overall damage per encounter. Armour points are been depleted filling up after each encounter so our heroes are ready to conform new thr…