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Short History of the Salt People by Ahmed Al Yosuf, ex Hourglass

My name is Ahmed and this is my story. I was born as everyone in the desert we called Khun 120 years ago. I started my training at the oral tradition of my people from the age of 10 until maturity. 100 years ago i heard my first whisper that carried through the wind and the sand. It was the time before of what we now call Night of the Betrayal. At that time the clans under the charismatic Ahid was about to gather in hope of a union between our people. The whispers were dire as dark secrets and vile emotions overwhelmed my young body. I tried to warn them about the incoming danger but i failed so. The night came and my people slaughtered each other and only few managed to escape the madness. And then the moon exploded. Flaming stones hit the continent while large parts of desert was consumed by salt waters. Mountains died and earthquakes shaked the eternal sands. Under blood and destruction we travelled to the east towards the great seas. Woman, children, old people and wounded clan…