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Combat mastery.

Thoughts about Combat
In the last couple of days I spend some time around the combat system at rpgs in general. We must face it that we live among a plethora of different systems, ranging from extreme narrative to full strategic ones. The truth is in the last 20 years we are accustomed with terms like opportunity attacks, initiative rolls, attacks vs. AC and damage per weapon type. Although there are many variations like damage based on hero’s level or simplified damage of 1 damage per attack vs. minion who also get 1 point of Health, we mostly tend to feel that somehow combat must be freed from the chains that bind it.
At that point you may think that I point you towards narrative games but fear not as it’s not my intention. As much I enjoy narrative games I cannot escape my past that of a tactical combat system based on the worlds’ most famous rpg. But that doesn’t mean I will sit idle while my gaming experience turns numb… Ok roll initiative, attack and just damage!!
At one of my man…