Notes about Religion at the land of Khun & The Devotee Archetype

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Religion? What this word stands for? Oh you mean the wandering charlatans who offers remedies for body and soul in form of multicoloured substances? I know many of them but you better keep away from them and DON’T try any of theirs liquids because you will feel better and healed as the poisons weaken your mind… By Anonymous desert trader Until recently there was no such thing as religion, miracles and healing except the natural one. But we live at the ages of change and the recent raids at the oasis have change our people. Most people believe that these attacks were part of desecration of the way of the desert but we can’t deny the fact that these attacks have happened. After the end of the raids a new cult arose in the desert; that of The Four Facets. The cult started to grow but still it has a few members. Most notably is the fact that they can actually perform a couple of miracles which the denizens of Khun still believe they are acts of the same corrupted magic and they must avoided at all costs. Another remarkable thing is the fact that any mercenary who joins the rank of the new cult he loses the tattoos without undertaking the Ritual of Cleansing, adding more mystery around the Devotees. Devotee Archetype Hit Dice: 1d8 Hit Points per level Luck Die: d6 Prime Attributes: Intellect and Willpower Armour: Mostly light as the desert climate dictates. Devotees have the following special abilities Sense Magic: With an Intellect check whisperers can sense anything magical and the level of corruption if any. The four giveth, the four taketh: Devotees start with 2 miracles and as the cult is growing in numbers more will be given but they must not be treated as spellcasters. The basic mentality behind the miracles is: if you want to give life you must take one as there is no such thing as sui generis Miracle of Healing: You can transfer the lifeforce of a willing creature, even your own, to another creature. The healing is at 1:1 ratio of HP. Miracle of Endurance: Devotee can bestow a Positive Die to any Luck Rolls concerning poison,disease and fatigue. The recipient of the blessing does not downgrade the Luck Die as usual. After the remedy The Devotee must downgrade his own Luck Die normally. You can use this miracle until your Luck Die depletes. 


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