Into Yig's Coils:An adventure for Dungeons & Delvers. A few words setting background.

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I bid you welcome my friend. Please join us by the fire as the night is cold and let me warm you with my stories of adventures lost in the past. Once there was a great sea empire called Aenadore. Stretched through numerous islands, the wise king Séamas Ó Síocháin ruled the sea lands ensuring peace and prosperity. I was at that time a naval officer appointed at SeaDove. You could see the magnificent ship it was, roaming the endless seas as sea bird floats in the air. We travelled far, explored forsaken islands battling for the serenity of our kingdom. But nothing lasts forever. Our beloved king died leaving no heir behind and a civil unrest started as the many of islands tried to grab the loose reins of sovereignty. During that time the kingdom was weak and we were unable to see what was coming for us. A new naval kingdom arose in power from the west seas. They are calling themselves Children of Nomean. Cruel and warlike, soon they clashed with our disorganized navy. There have been no so much blood through our history as the seas painted red. The war ended 15 years ago with noone to claim a true victory. Time is merciless and always moves forward. Children of Nomean retread back to the far east and we took the time to mend our wounds trying to unite the empire once more. But the empire was not meant to be a whole again. The army was divided between powerful nobles and every island for itself became our new reality. I was old and tired by that time and i decided to leave behind those petty conflicts. I traveled to the east where i found the White island taking its name but the great white peaked mountains of the northernmost part of the island. It was a breathtaking sight while we were sailing toward the newly found land. It’s been 15 years since our arrival here, away as far as we could from the disintegrated empire and we have already found 3 small villages. The first was Reedsport. You cannot miss Reedsport because when you enter the area you can see SeaDove lie dominantly by the seaside. We built our new houses while more people arrived often away from the political turmoil lands of Aenadore. The land is fertile and the great jungle provides with fruits, wood and sometimes danger… But it’s the place we call home... Reece Wynne, Former Admiral of the Royal Navy, Mayor of Reedsport



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