Dungeons & Delvers: Mighty heroes & Magic Potatoes

Greetings Delvers and welcome to the lands of Aenadore. For the brief background of the setting you can check here. This is a follow up of the learn while you play adventure “Into Yig’s Coils” by Melissa Fisher. You can get the adventure HERE There are a lot of missing details as we are waiting for the Dungeons & Delvers to arrive at our hands after the kickstarter ends. But i promise you that i will return after the campaign and edit my post with further details (encounters etc). Also i will try this post to be as spoiler free as possible.

Event 1: Heroes of Reedsport Come around citizens of Reedsport i have a few announcements to make. Come around and i beg for silence as your mayor will speak. Thanks to those young heroes we are now able to identify the threats that lies in “The Breaks”. They bravely delved and explored the secrets of the pyramids and they have returned with dangerous news. From now on please my friends don’t venture alone in the jungles take a comrade with you and even better your axes and bows. Let this day be a day of celebration and not of worries. First drinks are on the house. After a few moments of cheering the mayor signs for silence Heroes of Reedsport may your days be long and the nights shorter. Release the fireworks and let the spirits warm our souls. Give the heroes a night to be remembered as the celebration will keep the village alive till late hours. Also if you allowed a couple of “strange-exotic” races to be in your setting, it’s time for recognition & acceptance from your fellows villagers. Event 2: Dark News Good morning Heroes and i’m sorry to wake up you so early but we have news, some dire and a few good. Well let’s start with the good ones. Mrs Murson decided to make a food that match your heroic endeavours and she used your title as a name of the recipe. If i was you i would be very careful of eating everything that old lady makes but it’s up to you. Here is the recipe: Mashed Potatoes: Heroes of Reedsport edition
  • Peel as much potatoes as your appetite can hold. Usually keeping under consideration facts like: dangerous wilderness, abandoned dungeons, evil temples, underwater exploration, infected caverns, lurking monsters and please extinguish the fire as everything will see us.
  • Use plenty of water to boil them for 30 minutes. Don’t worry if the water is not fresh or clean, after all you are adventures and the boiling will minimize any ill effects. Also you can avoid using swamp water but in case of hunger boil water for an extra 15’
  • Use something to mash the potatoes; in case of emergency hammer will do the trigger as rocks and other flat surfaced items.
  • Add garlic during the process; ask your cleric for one!
  • Use oil (if by chance you carry with you) and serve hot. In case a monster attack resolve the situation and continue your lunch.
Yours, forever-in-debt, Mrs Murson
Heroes & Potatoes: During the adventure i was thinking that the Murson’s potato recipe will provide a few benefits & one disadvantage like healing a few wounds or curing illness/diseases. On the other hand heroes will acquire the bad breath disadvantage: For 12 hours after eating Murson’s potatoes you discard your higher die at all social encounters!!

And here are some special potatoes taken from Mrs Murson’s garden. Now back to dire news. Have you ever travelled north at Highfield? If not i must ask you to go immediately. The Mayor of Highfield send a letter asking for any spare help we can give. Cecilia MacKenag, ex First Woman on SeaDove, reports missing livestock. As the winter approaches soon we must hear theirs call for help. Highfield lies to the north near the WhitePeaks. If i were you i would travel by the road but it’s your choice as many parts of our lands are still unexplored. If for any reason you need to resupply during your journey you can stop at Dragonhorns. There are mining towns just halfway between Reedsport & Highfield. 

Time is on the essence heroes. I bid you farewell and i hope you will help our fellow northmen.

Notes Keeping the spirit of Dungeons & Delvers, i will add in this section the chapter of Overland Travel and Random encounters. Those encounters won’t be only random monsters but also adventures sites or scripted events; some like the events below

Overland Travel: Event 1: Hard Choices 
 After a day of travels, heroes will eventually camp for the night. Suddenly screams fill the air as people are start running out of the woods. If the heroes take the time to calm anyone and ask questions, they will learn that these are people from the mining establishments near the DragonHorns. After a few moments the fleeing villager tells thes story of monsters who crawled back from the depths of the mines. If the heroes decide to help them they have to make a 2 day detour into the Brakes Jungle towards the mines. That will be a difficult decision as both establishments, Highfield & mines, need help. Present the situation and give the players time to decide. Either way the storyteller will have to make consequences for each decision is made. 
Overland Travel: Event 2: A shadow upon the Sun
During daytime travel, suddenly, the sun will covered in a blink of an eye. If a successful Perception is made (a difficult one), heroes will notice that something huge flew up in the sky in front of the sun moving towards south. Make the heroes to roll individual perception checks as each one will offer different explanations about the shadow over the sun. Possible opinions on the table could be: an eclipse, a terrible flying monster!!, the end of the world and other folklore assumptions.
Overland Travel: Event 3: Silence of the Sea 
As the heroes are traveling near seaside a silence falls heavy. Not a single sound from animals or the waves splattering on the rocks. The place is dominated by steep white cliffs. If the heroes investigate from above roll the usual perception checks. They will notice a shipwreck on the rocks. Heroes will have a difficult time to climb down the cliffs but if the manage the expedition they will get the chance to explore the wreckage. The only sounds that linger in the air are the heroes voices as more questions arose:
  • A close inspection in the area reveals a small cave entrance half submerged in the sea water
  • What happened here?
  • Were any survivors?


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