Travel Memoirs: Otherlands Part 2

We traveled a long time on our ship until we reached Selasia, at the Spine of Taladas. The first people we have met there were the tree folk, Bolandi. What can we say about this strange high ogre race? I believe this short story they told us about themselves summarize their culture.

Once upon a time the Greater Gods gathered at Celestial Palace in order to decide how to tackle with a new threat, the legendary monster called MoonShadow. The moonshadow was destroying everything in its pass and now our beloved 3 moons where the next target. Unable to win the beast, Gods asked their heroes to help them. The legendary heroes answered the call but they were unable to eliminate the threat. Eventually God’s last resort was a Great Bolandi hero, Fielax.

Fielax patted the greater gods for reassurance and decided to ride to the moons. A huge gold dragon offered to ride him. Fielax at first denied any help as he could use the tree branches in order to visit the moons. But eventually he changed his mind and rode with the dragon. In the adventure Fielax taught the Gold Dragon how to be noble and courageous. Upon arrival at the moons he released the great dragon back to Krynn in order to teach the other dragons how to be noble, strong and wise!!!

There under the shadow of the 3 moons, Fielax managed to trick the legendary Moonshadow using a simple illusion trick. With the trick Fielax sent the great beast direct into the sun leading to its ultimate death.

So this is how Bolandi think about themselves…

Bolandi race abilities for Dungeon Questing

Starting hit points: 7 + Constitution

Weapon and Armor restriction: Bolandi use any weapon or armor. But usually they prefer leather armors and non metal weapons

Natural Illusionists: Bolandi are excellent illusionist when they decide to spend time for studies of the arcane arts. If they do so everytime Bolandi heroes cast illusion spells the targets get a -1 penalty to Saving Throws.

Displacement: Bolandi can use Displacement (you can use the spell Dimensional Portal). Young Bolandi can use this ability 1/day and mature Bolandi 2/day.

You cannot trick the trickster: Bolandi can see through lies and illusions cast from members of the other races. In game terms Bolandi enjoy a +2 Saving Throw vs. Illusion magic.

Other Notes:

Bolandi have the same size (weight & Height) & age like humans.


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