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Recently I have finished reading DLR1 Otherlands for the Dragonlance Campaign Setting (Ad&d 2nd edition). Thanks to the new digital age, classic books can be reprinted and become available for anyone. So what is so special about Otherlands? To be honest nothing is special or crucial and it will most of the time fall out of notice from most DMs. But what it is worth of? The answer is that it belongs to a line of accessories that are easily read, like a short fiction stories. And here lies the true value of the Otherlands. It feels like a 19th century travel memoirs. From the 1st page till the end you can easily travel far away from the known world of Ansalon.

Dragonlance holds a special place in my heart and although I have read most of the books, rules and modules but I didn’t have the chance actually running or playing it. Now as I’m working for the conversion of Dl1 Dragons of Despair for Classic Modules Today I took some time and I present you a bizarre race for your campaign based at Dungeon Questing by Mikael Hassel. The race belongs to Charane, a place further south from the Ice Wall. Beyond South Pole we go…

Because the new race is also a monster (at the point of view of humanoids) I’ll use two separate paragraphs. The first it would be the monster block and the second the race block:


Armor Class: -2 [14]
Hit Dice: 15
Attacks: Slam 1d6, up to 4 per round if angered
Special: Regeneration
Move: 12 or 3 through stone.
HDE/XP 15/290

Razhaks are creatures that can easily be mistaken as earth elementals. They stand almost 9’ feet tall and they tend to spend their time in stone form. Everyone has seen a Razhak in our lives but it is impossible to distinguish their form inside rocks. They can even change the color of the skin to match the rocky surroundings. Their lifespan is almost a millennium and they tend to follow the simple rule: observe but not interfere. 

Following the simple rule, the benevolent Razhak prefer not to engage in direct combat and they tend to use their ability to travel through rock to avoid it. But in dire situations they are fierce combatants. In one round they can create 4 pseudo pods allowing them to attack 4 times per round especially when they angered. There are a few famous last sayings like: angry stones rumble like cataclysm.

Razhaks are not adventurers and they tend not to travel but sometimes fate is been decided for them. A number of cataclysmic events can separate a Razhak from its natural environment.  Most lost Razhaks are usually are young ones and they haven’t inherited yet the ability to go back to their home. These young Razhaks can be used as new race.

Adventure hooks

· After a cataclysmic event (in the classic version that earth is been separated…) a young Razhak loose his way to a human village.

· During a great earthquake a Razhak erupts to the surface. He/she sees a small village in danger and decides to help the villagers.

Young Razhak race abilities

Starting hit points: 10 + Constitution
Weapon and Armor restriction: Razhaks cannot use any weapon or armor. Instead they are using the gifts of nature.
Armor of stone: Razhak natural armor is 2 [10] and it gets better during lifetime.
Hands of earth: Razhaks can attack once per round for 1d6 using one of their 4 pseudo pods. But when angered (maybe after a unsuccessful saving throw or when the storyteller judges) he can attack 4 times per round.
Embrace of the earth: Once per day young Razhaks can meld into a stone formation matching its surroundings. As long as Razhak stays in that state he can regenerate 1d6 HP per turn (10 minutes) to a maximum of current hp.

Further notes on Razhaks
Weight & Height: Ranges from 5’ 8’’ – 7’/ 150-300 lbs
Starting age/Lifespan: Ranges from 150-1500


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