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Log 001/ September 2015

  • I have decided to create my own RPG system. Research has started from classic d20 systems to d100 and narrative games.

Log 002/ December 2015

  • I have sorted out a few systems: AGE rpgs (Fantasy AGE & Dragon AGE by Green Ronin), BareBones Fantasy, Open D100, Legends of Anglerre, Open Quest D12, FATE Core.
  • Started the collaboration with Brian for Open Legend rpg.
  • Study and research continues.

Log 003/ January 2016

  • First failed attempt to create the system. The systems that dropped out is BareBones Fantasy, Open D100, Anglerre, Open Quest D12 and FATE Core.
  • Endless discussions with Brian around rpg subsystems including feats, spellcasting and hero progression.

Log 004/ February 2016

  • Second failed attempt. I couldn't find a system that suits my taste or how i envision the best one. Even i was in love with Dragon Age i wasn’t able to focus an Emerald Game Setting in Green Ronin’s system.
  • Delve deeper in Brian’s Open Legend project searching for the holy grail.

Log 005/ April 2016

  • Fully participate in Open Legend project.
  • Third failed attempt to create a system (i have written about 150 pages ...all in vain!! ) I have started to believe that it won’t be possible to create something.

Log 006/ May 2016

  • During my research i came across Free Fantasy AGE and Free Dragon AGE projects by DracoDruid and DiBastet. They are trying to free all the AGE systems from class boundaries. So from now on this will be my base of operations.
  • The collaboration with Brian starts to fade away. The issue is the quantity of the dices vs the quality. Brian is following the AmericaTrash systems. Although Open Legend is an awesome game it become very alien to my taste.
  • I have copied Free Form AGE and i started writing my comments concerning each part of the game.
Log 007/ June 2016

  • System is already ready.
  • I kept: 3d6, special point generation, Arcanas, Talents to be chosen in order to create the each desired dream class.
  • I’ve changed attributes to 10, weapon qualities, initiative system and interlude (both take from Savage Worlds RPG systems)

Log 008/ July 2016

  • First 2 real playtesting sessions with my team. It was an awesome experience.
  • Summarizing the feedback
  • 10 Attributes are OK.  Especially they liked the way the attack and damage derive from different stats. Also the same way that applies to Magic Systems.
  • Arcanas are OK. Especially the modular aspect of them. Storyteller can choose which to keep and drop or create new ones to suit his/hers campaign.
  • Weapon Qualities are OK. At last we give a meaning to different weapon groups and not only the damage rating.
  • Special Points are OK. Cinematic feeling that can be exchanged with new or improved special actions.
  • The Talents that i have started are 40. They are all under consideration and reworking.
  • Armor Penalty apply to all even if you are Master. (Filotas)
  • Brian’s collaboration ended.

Log 009/ August 2016

  • I have decided with Kostas to work simultaneously Emerald and IronClad rpg. It’s difficult and sometimes unreachable but  it will help me to make the system agnostic.
  • I have 2 playtesting groups. My group (Filotas, Olga, Maria, Martha, Alekos) and Internet group (Kostas, Nikos).
  • I have started writing the mini handbook with delivery date September 2016.
  • Cut and paste, write and erase, test and rolling dices, mathematical equations, and all hell broke loose.
  • IronClad rpg. I have created a few special action around Space Combat. I have agreed with Kostas that i will keep the same 3 phased space combat taken from the same board game.

Log 010/ September 2016

From now on we will discuss all the details!!

Orange = Noted down, issue-bug-concern etc
yellow = possible solutions and opinions
red = final decision leading from Alpha stage to Beta
Ecru = right side comments by me and all playtesters


  • Mini handbook is ready!!! 16 pages. Alpha Version 001
  • Changelog: Attributes from 10 to 5. (I want to be different from other AGE systems. Also if you can tell a story with 5 why use an 10 oned system? )
  • In the beginning i followed DracoDruid method of advancement using points. After a while i realized that it was a cumbersome method because you have to keep track the points and i felt the urge to min max again, like a curse!! So i ended up at UHP (Universal Hero Progression). Now the players have a clearer view as to what they can choose and when. We are here to play and not to study logistics!!  
  • Talents for playtesting 18 (Part 1) and 12 (part 2 delivery date late September)
  • Arcanas 12 taken from Fantasy AGE (I would like to check the mentality then i will rewrite them to suit a fantasy genre rpg). Also if we enjoy this system i will use it to IronClad describing different Tech or psychic powers.
  • Optional rules (late September)
  • Exploration Phase initiated. I need to fill up with description of the subsystem. I need to recheck each Exploration Phase Skill separately.


  • Nikos comments about Might (Hunting).
  • Nikos comments about Knock Prone special attacking action. It’s too powerful and can be easily abused.
  • One Talent that really bothers me is the one called Divine Gift. This Talent describes the issue of divinity among the heroes. I will send Green Ronin’s Gift of Gods. I would like everyone, if that’s is possible, to check the rules and give me a opinion. After we finish with the review of the 30 Talents we will discuss it (maybe late September)
  • Knock Prone: Προτάσεις Νίκος: Είτε να υπάρχει αντίθετη ζαριά για να αντισταθμίσει το αποτέλεσμα είτε να ανεβάσουμε το κόστος για κάνει ένας ήρωας αυτή την σπέσιαλ επίθεση.
  • Knock Prone.Προσωπικά θα διάλεγα να ανέβει το κόστος για να αποφύγουμε τις εξτρά ζαριές. Από κόστος 2 πόντων να το ανεβάσουμε στο 3 ;
  • Might (Hunting). My 1st draft about exploration phase had 4 distinct skills : Navigation (Reason) , Quartermaster (Presence), Scouting (Perception) and Hunting (Reflex). We can keep them more attached to rpg logic but we are leaving one attribute without Exploration Skill (not a big deal to be honest)
  • Talents Part 2 are : Unarmed Weapon Style, Throwing Weapon Style, Spear weapon style, Backstab, Lore, Linguistics, Improvised Weapon style, Animal handling, Muskets, Contacts, Mounted Combat style and finally Divine Gift.
  • PH page 13-14 i have written 2 times Talent: Defensive Training.  
  • In many parts of the text i substitute the word Aspect with Presence. Also i consider changing the Might to Physique/Valour/Tenacity… and i’m open to suggestions!!
  • I consider changing the name of Talent’s ranks to avoid clash with all AGE systems. The words i came about are :  Dilettante (Novice), Artisan (Journeyman) and finally Expert (Master). Open for suggestions!!  

  • Working towards Player’s handbook Alpha version 002.
  • Added 12 new Talents reaching 29 at the moment.
  • Added an extra chapter around Time and type of Actions (MAJOR and MINOR actions)
  • Added an extra chapter: Archetypes and Encounter Building.
  • Poll was sent.
  • Working on Optional Rules: Initiative with Cards, Interludes with cards, Exploration Phase, Legendary Points, Armor Penalty, Demihumans, One Roll to Rule them All, Mass Combat.
  • (Kostas) Arcanas to Source. Excellent idea especially for IronClad RPG.   
  • Alchemy and Poison-making????
  • Mass combat needs extra time. I will continue tomorrow.


  • Mass combat finally done!!!
  • I will take this week off and work with IronClad while waiting for the answers from the Poll (if i manage to obtain any !!! ) In the same time i will edit Alpha Version 001 to 002 (31 pages at the moment we are speaking)

22.09.2016 and 23.09.2016

Mini player’s handbook: Alpha Version 002

  • Changed Might to Vigor
  • Changed Reflex to Agility
  • Changed Reason to Intellect
  • Presence to Aspect
  • Changed Talents to Deeds
  • Changed Arcana to Circles
  • Added Actions (Major and Minor) and Time
  • Added Encounter Building and Iconics Classes Archetypes
  • Deeds part 2
  • Optional rules:
  • Initiative with Cards
  • Interludes
  • Exploration Phase
  • Legendary Roll
  • Armor Penalty
  • Demihumans
  • One Roll to Rule them All
  • Mass Combat.
  • Total pages from 16 to 30.

  • Changed Novice to Dilettante
  • Changed Journeyman to Artisan
  • Rework Weapon Groups (Qualities and further details added)
  • Added table explaining Attributes.
  • Reference and derivatives stats are in their table.
  • KNOCK PRONE Legendary Points increased to 3
  • Aesthetic changes and corrections.

Next project rewriting Circles…. Estimated delivery middle October

23.09.2016 Actually Log 011 October 2016

  • Project: Circles of Magic started.
  • Each Circle from now on will have 3 ranks (Dilettante/Artisan/Master) but each rank will hold 2 spells/abilities or spell like abilities.
  • My highest aim will be the creation of 20 Circles in order to include Arcane/Divine/Nature/Rune approaches. Estimated total spells 120!!! OMG!!!
  • I will try to keep them in compact format in order to keep mini player’s handbook …. mini!!
  • 6 spells per circle in order to balance utility vs offensive/defensive spells.


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