The Legend of Miatha

We are Miathans. Born and raised under the northern wind. Once we lived at the outskirts of the great empire of Canal, blessed by the Emperor. Then the demonic invasion took place. Thousands lost their lives, wives and children wept while men had been slaughtered. The empire was in turmoil and blood. The forces of good gathered at the great city to face the lady in black whose feet travelled above the ground. We try to hide, we tried to gather our strength, and we sought sanctuary as the malformed creatures roam the great north plains. Then a lady appeared, with hair painted in brass and eyes as blue as the morning sky. She gave us a hand of hope and led us out of our doom. Miatha was her name and may the benevolent forces of this world remember her as we do. We travelled far, beyond the great forest of the North and we found shelter at the Great Glacier. We learned the ways of the ice and snow. We survived the horde of evil and we claimed this new area as our own. Before Miatha flew at the night sky as a great serpent she gave us wisdom and knowledge. We pass our knowledge to our next generation in respect to her teachings. Life is harsh and many dangers still surround us. We constantly move from place to place trying to avoid the huge frost men. The time will come when we will return to once great empire of men or the time of times when our beloved Miatha will lead us again to never fading land of Aurora.


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